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We offer dog training via the Internet for pointing and flushing dogs.

Here's how it works.....

$125 in advance to evaluate the dog. This takes about 4-6 weeks to see if the dog has enough natural ability to be worth working.

If so, $500 more to take him to the started level --"half trained"-- this takes approximately four and a half months total time.

$500 more to take him to a finished level, roughly 4 more months work, if that's what you want.

These prices are approximately. 65% less than if I were doing the work here for you.

Here's what you'll need:

  • You will have to be able to work the dog 3 days per week and 4 to 5 would be better.

  • You'll need an area to train, a CRP brome field or pasture would work well. A minimum size would be 50 yards wide and 250 yards long, the closer to home the better.

  • You'll also need an area in the yard for obedience training.

  • You'll also need a way to keep pigeons.

  • Other tools would include whistles, leashes, check ropes, canvas retrieving bucks, a vest to carry birds in, dog crate, a .22 caliber blank pistol, and later on you'll need a shot gun and be reasonably able to use it or be able to have someone else shoot for you.

You'll get weekly individual help on this project by e-mail and if needed we can set up a time you can call me.

You may also need access to a VCR camera so you can send me video tape of the training session if the information you're giving me and what the dog is doing doesn't line up.

If you're interested, let me know.

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