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The pointer category includes breeds like the German short haired and wired haired pointers, Brittany spaniels, and English and Irish setters. These dogs are bred to find (or make) game birds.

When a pointing dog’s nose tells him a bird is close, he locks into point, alerting the hunter that a flush is imminent. This tactic works great on woodcock, bobwhite quail, and ruffed grouse, but wild pheasants and mountain birds like sage grouse and Mearn’s quail have a tendency to run from a pointing dog, leaving the hunter (and the dog) scratching his head as to where exactly the bird is.

Pointing dogs are great for hunters looking to cover a lot of ground. Their wide-ranging tendencies and uncanny energy will provide upland hunters who choose a pointing breed with a full day of shooting. There are few sights more beautiful to a bird hunter than a dog locked up on point.

Some pointing breeds enjoy retrieving downed birds, while others simply head out on a search for more once the object of their point has been dispatched.


Flushing breeds include the likes of Labrador retrievers, Golden retrievers, and Springer spaniels. Their job in the field is to find birds and flush them within shotgun range of their hunters.

As a rule, flushing breeds are better retrievers than their pointing counterparts, a trait that comes in handy when a bird is knocked from the air but trying to escape. Flushers can handle any species of bird, but really excel when pursuing pheasants or retrieving waterfowl. Although they don’t stop to alert you of nearby game birds, a hunter who knows his dog can often tell when he’s getting “birdy.”

The key to hunting with a flushing dog is keeping them within shotgun range. The dog should range between 15 and 25 yards to ensure good shooting if they put a bird up. A dog that flushes birds out of range is worse than having no dog at all.



Retrievers are well known for their ability as duck dogs. Many of the retriever breeds are used for retrieving game from cold waters and have strong swimming abilities to accomplish this. Some retriever breeds are: Chesapekes, Golden Retrievers, Lab etc...

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At Linden Kennels we train all types of bird & hunting dogs utilizing a 5 step program developed over many years working with our own and customers animals. 


If you wish to keep the cost of training down while still benefitting from Hals many years of experience and don't mind putting in some work yourself, then we can even offer online training.

Whatever your needs, if you're looking for a trainer with a track record of producing high quality hunting dogs then feel free to contact us and let us know what you're looking for.

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